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We won't have any kids for sale until around May 2021 after they are 3 months old. All of our tests for Johne's have come back negative with our current bunch of goats. Births of babies will start the end of February 2021. We won't have any purebred Alpines for sale this year, but we do plan to AI both Alpines next fall.

I tend to sell doelings private treaty and will post them first on Facebook. I plan on keeping more bucks this year, but it doesn't hurt to message me to make sure I save one for you.

Disease Testing:
We do spot checks for CAE as our herd has been CAE negative for many years.

We don't test for CL as you have to have an active abscess in order for that to come back positive. The point of disease testing is that a lot of blood tests won't show that an animal is positive until they start producing antibodies for the diseases, so they could have the disease and just not be testing positive. That is why it is better to buy from a herd that has tested negative for many years.

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Nick & Jessica Berndt
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