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Registered and Commercial Boer goats with a few Alpines
Developing a CAE, CL , and Johne's free herd.


Maverick playing around while some kids watch him

Current Events

August 2020 I, Jessica, was having health problems and we found out that I had a tumor behind my liver, in a place that was hard to operate on. October 2020 I had surgery to remove the tumor and have been healing (I had a lifting restriction of only 15 pounds for 6 weeks). Our family has been fairly healthy since my surgery but I didn't get a chance to take all the pictures I wanted to take or trim hooves as early as I would have liked. I'm happy to say that my home grown buck has excellent hooves that grow in my favorite way so that they are easy to trim.

-Fall of 2019 we bought a beautiful Boer buck that died and during the autopsy he tested positive for Johne's Disease. We tested the entire herd and about 60% tested positive. We made the hard decision to take kids off at birth to raise on pastuerized milk and cull anything that wasn't bottle raised. The new babies are on new land that the old herd never was on. We have been told by a veterinarian from the University of Wisconsin to do a fecal test for Johne's before each breeding season and cull what tests positive. I'm hoping all our hard work spring 2020 pays off. All of the Johne's tests have come back negative for the kids in 2020 but we are not comfortable ensuring a Johne's free herd until we have 2 consecutive years of negative tests. I'm waiting until January 1st, 2021 to register goats, that way they are registered before they kid. I keep records on my goats for how big the kids are at birth, how much they weigh at weaning, if the mother required kidding assistance, and general health data. I haven't found another herd near me that does this and so I'm trying to keep my own stock as I have bred and culled based on data rather than show records.

Our Herd, Past and Present

We started with a small herd of Alpines and slowly changed over to Boer goats. We raise Alpines as a source of milk for the house and the few bottle kids we have. The Boers goats make up most of our herd, we are slowly changing over to a registered herd of Boer goats but our biggest goal is to create a herd of good dams with very muscular sires to raise strong healthy kids without a lot of human assistance and supplements.

Why we raise Goats

I, Jessica, grew up with goats and I enjoyed having them. When Nick and I got married in 2010 we started our own goat herd in 2011. We were raising only Alpines until we started our Boer herd in 2015, the same year we had our first son. The goats are a very mild animal and are safe for our two sons to be around and they enjoy the silly goats too!

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