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Ever So Goats

We started with a small herd of Alpines and have been slowly changing over to Boer goats. We raise Alpines as a source of milk for the house and the few bottle kids we have. The Boers goats make up most of our herd, we are slowly changing over to a registered herd of Boer goats but our biggest goal is to create a herd of good dams with very muscular sires to raise strong healthy kids without a lot of human assistance and supplements.



Our Alpines

         -need to be structurally sound (Linear Appraise in the 80s-90s)

         -be able to produce over a gallon a day of milk. (Be able to achieve milking stars)

Our Boers

         -be able to have multiple kids and birth with ease (no c-sections, ever)

         -have healthy udders with teats that the kids can find as well as the milk to grow the               kids up large

         -great mothering abilities, will love their kids and come back for them or make sure                 they are safe

         -muscular sires that put good muscle growth on the kids

         Secondary Goals:

                   -have good feet that need little trimming

                   -healthy with little need to deworm the goats

Contact us!

Nick & Jessica Berndt
30409 106th Street                     
Herreid, SD 57632

Email:           Phone: 605-204-0489