Turbo is a very laid back guy. He is a very showy buck that doesn't need a fancy diet to stay big and muscular.  I am hoping he can beef my kids up a little while adding a splash of color. He tested negative for Johne's before we bought him and we are excited to see his kids this spring.

This is Turbo Pictured the end of September 2020, I hope to get a better picture next year since he is all fluffy now.

SCA16 Smoking Turbo

DOB: 12/7/2019
Registration ID:10852554

    SS:TST1 Windy Acres Square Power *Ennobled* 6/2018 NGC-16
S:BF01 Bjerke Farms Power Stroke *Ennobled* 10/2019
    SD:RRD Scarlett A540 *Ennobled* 6/2018
    DS:SAKB Rocky Top
D:SAKB Long Kiss
    DD:GGF1 Kiss Kiss

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