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Sales Information


Most goats that we have for sale will be posted on Facebook

We typically kid most of our goats in the Spring between February and April, then we sell the kids at 3 months old or close to it. There are very few buck kids that we offer for sale, so if you want one reserved please contact us. I like to call breeders ahead of time so that they can save back the type of buck I'm looking for and I can do the same for you (I know my goats, and my words and pictures can only tell you so much). Next fall and spring we will have many more doelings for sale.

General Feed and Care Information:

We feed our goats alfalfa and corn in the winter and shortly during the summer if we don't have enough grass for them to graze. We feed Vigortone Mineral, the same we feed the cattle, except without the additive for flies. I grain the goats with corn.


We deworm as needed and when the goats kid (a goat kids, then the doe gets dewormed within 24 hours). If there is a goat that needs to be dewormed often, they get sent to the salebarn, they are not sold private treaty.

Hoof Trimming:

I try to trim hooves about 3 times a year, but at least twice a year.

Lead Training:

I train all my doelings how to lead after they have been weaned from their dams, and during the summer (yes my fall girls get to be hard to work with by the time we start our lead training). Lead training helps to tame them down and be easier to work with (some become pets after that, some you still have to run after, but they lead nicely when you catch them).


Updated 8/4/2019