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Boer Bucks


Max Boer Goats Black Diamond (Sinbad)
Fullblood Boer

DOB: 1/29/2015 
     SS: Fern Hollow Farm Ruger's Striker Fire
S: Max Boer Goats IMAX 3-D **Ennobled** 11/2011  
     SD: Max Boer Goats Pikach  
     DS: SNSD Polar's 100 Proof
D: Max Boer Goats Polar Pandaora
     DD: Max Boer Goats Uba8ball

Black Diamond was a mouthful, so I call him Sinbad. He is a big beautiful buck  with some nice coloring. I have been looking at shoulder to hip ratios when thinking of birthing ease. This guy has some of the widest hips I have seen on a Boer buck. His horns are nicely spred and don't rub on his neck. He is an aggressive buck and works hard to make sure the girls are all bred. I can't wait to get some of his kids on the ground. Pictured 8/21/2019.

Ever So Forge

DOB: 9/12/2018 
     SS: Max Boer Goats Imax the Big Show 
S: Max Boer Goats the Rock Show 
     SD: Max Boer Goats Rock Hard Red Rose
D: Apple (commercial doe)

I AI'd my best commercial boer doe, Apple. She is a huge doe with a nice udder, great  mothering skills, and can easily birth huge kids. I AI'd her to a colorful buck and I have gotten twin bucklings with great spots that I hope will produce some meaty colorful kids for me. With my main buck unexpectedly passing away. Forge has been my clean up buck. At 11 months old he was willing to breed all my older does (they can be quite intimidating to young bucks).  At the moment, his shoulders and hips are about the same width. Forge's legs are nice and straight on good feet. He has a nice set to his horns so that no one can get their feet stuck and the horns don't rub on his neck. Pictured 8/21/2019.

Reference Bucks


TTF90 Power House (House) 
Available for sale!

DOB: 4/11/2016 
     SS: TVVF Bolt of Thunder *Ennobled*
S: TVVF Power of Thunder *Ennobled*
     SD: TVVF Playin with Power
     DS: TIBF Tic
D: DOW1 Z67 Lacy
     DD: AABG NBD Hard To Miss

We have used House extensively in our herd. He is available for sale this fall 2018.

House is a huge wether type buck. Already I can see all of his kids having a longer loin than their dam's as well as having a more muscular rump and more length in the twist. His first doelings to kid have beautiful udders with small teats that are perfect for the kids. Their mothering skills are awesome as well. Pictured 6/1/2019


AM09 AM Boers Gryphon

DOB: 2/19/2018 
    SS: AABG Cadillac *Ennobled*
S: S G R Caddy's Over the Limit 
    SD: S G R Just the Right Shade *Ennobled* 
    DS: JBI Jenga Y105 
D: AM09 AM Boers Sydney
    DD: AM09 
AM Boers Dori

Gryphon is another long buck with a nice level topline. I have been watching AM Boers for a couple years and finally I made the call to order a buckling. I requested a buck that would produce good breeding does. I wanted his dam to have good kidding ease and be able to raise nice looking kids as well as having a nice teat structure. He is a mild tempered buckling, and to me I find that he is structurally pleasing to my eyes, a nice blending throughout. Pictured 6/1/2019.

Myotonic Buck

I like the Myotonic Boer cross does because they are very muscular and myotonics have a higher muscle to bone ratio than Boers do


Great Lakes Myotonics Mr. Pickles

DOB: 12/26/2018 
     SS: CH Goat Hill Farm Hot Shot
S: CH Goat Hill Farm Kentucky Hot Brown
     SD: Rose Lane Farm Paris 
     DS: Woody Creek Farm Gold Coin 
D: Buck Creek Maci 
     DD: S-L Jillian

Mr. Pickles was bought to bring in some of that Myotonic muscling. We will be using him on the doelings so that they will have smaller kids, and hopefully he can reach them. Myotonics are slow to grow, so Mr. Pickles is still cute and cuddly at the moment.  He is a solid little guy with a thick neck and good muscling throughout his body. He is also one of Maverick's favorite goats. Pictured 8/21/2019.

Alpine Bucks

My last alpine buck is for sale, I plan on using him only once more. Then I will no longer have alpine bucks on the place as I plan to use AI.


Xtraordindairy WRV Seoul

DOB: 3/26/2014
     SS: ++*B SG Redwood Hills Jaeger 91 EEE 6-07
S: Wind Ridge Vesuvius
     SD: SG Tempo Arc Verona 88 VEEE 2-03
     DS: +*B Hull's Abraham Padvinan 82 +EV 3-06
D: 2*M Xtraordindairy HAP Sinnamon 90 VEEE 3-05
     DD: 1*M SG Waiilatpu STS Spice 89 VEVV 5-04

3-05 FS-88 (VEE) 2017
1-06 FS-84 (VV+) 2015

Seoul is my milk buck, he has an extreme amount of milk behind him with his grand-dam becoming one of the top ten milkers in 2015 and in 2013. ​​I had one doe out of Seoul (Fable). Fable produced an entire quart more than all the other does her age! Pictured 8/21/2019.

Updated 8/4/2019